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We are a trucking logistics firm with operations in over 150 countries, and we take pride in the excellent service we provide to our customers.

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L.A. West Insurance Has Been Around For 30 Years

No matter your driving history, we can get you affordable rates on personal auto insurance. We have an entire staff of specialist agents who focus on trucking and work with over 30 of the industry’s best businesses. We also have an entire department devoted to writing commercial insurance, and we partner with 45 different auto insurance providers to facilitate the most affordable rates possible.

We have over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. In addition to our auto services, we are experts in filing your SR-22 paperwork. If you have any business with the Department of Motor Vehicles, our representatives will handle it at no additional cost. About 25 years have passed since LA West Insurance first opened. Even the BBB recognizes the high quality of our individualized assistance.

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Maintaining the safety of your drivers is critical to the security of everyone on the road. The well-being of other drivers and your bottom line are both directly affected by their presence on the road. The transportation and logistics industries have some of the highest rates of workplace injuries and deaths. Connecting your truck drivers with an insurance provider is one way to ensure their safety on the road. You may save money on insurance premium increases, claim payouts, and medical expenses by making your drivers safer.

If you are a member of LA West Insurance, you will have access to better individual coverage than you would have had before!

Car and driver insurance are mandatory for all drivers, whether professionally employed or not. It will pay for whatever gets broken, hurt, or destroyed by accident. But, you should have adequate medical payment coverage if you or your passengers are injured while driving or riding in your truck.

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Professional dispatch, active load price negotiations, compliance with the transportation department and other rules, and document management are some of how we may assist you. Our services will allow you to focus less on paperwork and more on driving, thus producing more assets for your business.


You must make the appropriate choice when selecting an insurer for your company. An excellent insurer will supply you with the right insurance coverages and value-added services that will help you reduce risk and keep your business operating smoothly.
It’s no surprise that we’ve been doing it for 25 years.
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  • Over 50+ Markets for Commercial Lines
  • A+ Companies For Personal Lines
  • Excess High Limits For Limousine
  • A++ General Liability Companies
  • Workers Comp With No Audit

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